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Music Action Figures

Are you looking for some high-quality merchandise inspired by your favourite music legends, artists, and bands? At Zavvi UK, we have a rocking collection of music action figures, all officially licensed and made to the highest quality.

Our figures include various music icons, such as Slash (originally known as the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses), Angus Young from AC/DC, the Beatles, and many others.

What are you waiting for, music lovers? Set the stage in your collection today, and keep your eyes locked to Zavvi for all the latest music action figures!

Build Your Music Collection

No matter your music taste — whether that be rock, pop, heavy metal, or something else entirely — we have a variety of action figures suited to your personal preferences.

Re-enact your favourite gigs, or build your display with these life-like action figures. They may not be the real deal, but they’re assuredly the next best thing.

Do you fancy yourself a fan of the Beatles? Well then, it’s time to hop inside your yellow submarine and head on over to Zavvi. We have a ton of limited-edition products for you to take home, perfect for posing on any bedside table, desk, or shelf.

Your Favourite Music Artists

Start browsing our massive line-up of music action figures today, and discover top-quality merchandise created by the leading manufacturers in the industry. Here you will find products from The Loyal Subjects, Super7, Bandai, FigBiz, and Medicom — amongst others.

If you know a passionate music fan, these are the best gifts for any occasion, capable of putting a smile on their face and a rhythm in their step.

Why the delay? We have a whole host of shredding deals and discounts on an eclectic line-up of music action figures, so there’s never been a better time to build your collection!